Meet the 2017 Designers

Michael Taylor


Mike Taylor "The Tailor" is a native Washingtonian, tailor, menswear enthusiast, modest clothing officiant, designer, and fashion accessory provider.

Carla Thompson


Carla "The Bling Diva" Thompson, the CEO of FYOU "For Your Overflowing Uniqueness", is a native Washingtonian, Designer and Stylist who inspires women to look and feel bold, beautiful, and ready to face the world!  
Bold, creative, innovative, classy, vibrant, stylish, sophisticated, versatile, daring, unique, and modern are what best describes the FYOU Woman.

FYOU is for the fierce woman who travels the world mind, body, spirit and style!

Halls of London


Hall met London
Halls of London was established in 1970
and designer Adon Hall, did the rest....

“What is Halls of London?”
Every man…
Every woman…
It’s you… It’s me…
It’s we… It’s he... It’s she…
It’s her/him/they/us/them

It’s Cosmopolitan
It’s Universal
It has a certain je ne se quois…
It’s more than a clothing line…
It’s a LIFESTYLE… (as in a way of life).



Terey Ross is the lead Designer and CEO of Femme. Femme is a U.S. based e-commerce shoppe. From clothing and handbags to jewelry, fashion accessories, eyewear, swimwear, and more. Introducing everyday fashion essentials and their unforgettable statement pieces. With just the perfect amounts of vibrance and edge, Femme brings out a Bolder You! You will love their range of different styles. From boho, chic, classic, trendy and many more; no matter the mood or occasion Femme styles are meant to help you conquer any moment and look good doing it .

New Digz Consignment


Owners Kelli Queen and Sadiqa Brown opened the doors of New Digz consignment to offer quality merchandise at affordable prices. New Digz's mission is to provide the best selection of new and gently used women’s and children's clothing, shoes, and accessories at competitive prices. New Digz has something for everyone; from the budget conscious woman to the woman who doesn’t mind to splurge every once in a while. So whenever you have items that you no longer desire, new items with tags that you haven’t gotten the opportunity to wear, or you simply just need to “spring clean” your closet; New Digz is here to service you.

Gentlemen's Gentleman


Efosa Ogbebor is the founder of The Bespoke suiting lifestyle called Gentlemen's Gentleman. Having the opportunity to have lived in numerous countries and experiencing their cultures and fashion he has developed a keen eye for Gentlemen attire..... Extremely traditional yet raw and uncut his suits are for the Gentleman in you.